Paraplan Radio Mix # 49 by Fabio Monesi

This time we have a mix recorded by Wilson Records label owner, Fabio Monesi. 100% vinyl, analog passion inside.

Q&A with Fabio:

Few words about the mix. I think that it' s really hard make a good selection and make a good mix with 2 different kinds of music, but at the same time I think that it's really excited. This is the reason why my podcast for Paraplan is a mixture of raw and house music. 

How would you describe music that you are producing? As u can listen to my productions and my dj sets I'm really Fascinated by The old way to concive house music, so, my music is the result of my passion for dirty sounds and the energy of 90's House Music.

Your favourite label. There are a lot of labels that I like, as u can listen to my podcast I've played more than 1 record of Relative and live jam's crew, I really appreciate their vision of music and their way to produce it.

What to expect from you in the nearest future? I' m working on a lot of projects for some labels, Wilson is going very well and I'm really happy for this. I'm also playing a lot in foreign countries and I hope to keep on doing my best.

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