Paraplan Radio Mix # 55 by Anders Vendelbo

55 mix of Paraplan we got from Anders Vendelbo, who is one of the two label owners of Nord Records, a new underground house & techno label from Denmark.
Q&A with Anders below.

Few words about the mix
The mix is recorded in my apartment in Aarhus with two 1210's and a xone42 mixer. It contains a lot old house tracks, that i've been picking up for the last 3 months or so. It's the first time im doing a proper house mix so that was actually a lot of fun.

How would you describe music that you and Nord Records are producing?
We're aiming to do some nice deep underground tracks on nord, both techno and house things. Some people called the first record house, some techno and in the end it doesn't care what it is, it just need a certain sound before we like it.
Im still exited about the first record that samuel did, I think he's doing some really cool things at the moment. He is a good friend of ours so it was pretty obvious that we wanted to do something with him.

What was your lovely artist/band in a childhood?
MJ and Stevie Wonder.

Your favorite labels.
Restoration, Plan-b Recordings, Vanguard Sound, Livejam/Relative/Warmsounds, Strictly Rhythm..

Your advice where to go at Weekend Nights in your town and in whole Denmark. And why?
Hehe in Aarhus there's not the biggest scene, but we are some guys that tries to bring other dj's/producers here all the tim. Last time we had Andee from EarthMothern and that was a great night. Next time it's Dj Spider from plan-b recordings. In copenhagen you should go for the the parties that CUP(http://cup-info.dk/) are doing. I just played to their party with Amir Alexander and that was awesome.

What to expect from you in the nearest future?
Another release from nord will come this winter.

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